Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey little bird

Oh little bird, how come you flew my way?
What was it you had to say?
Where to, were you on your way
When our eyes met this sultry day?
What did you see in their depths,
Did you see strength or was it weakness there beneath?
Could you see what I think, dream and believe?
I imagine you’ve been privy to many a scene.
Sat in a tree, watching people kiss and carve their names
With hearts committed to do the right thing.
Did you know their lives together would change everything?
Could you see their future from your perch?
How I wish I could fly where you’ve been.
See what you’ve seen.
Maybe I should keep the feathers from your wing,
Next to the Ice cream and the pepper thing.
See if they lead me in your ways.
See if they show me all of your days.
And see if they take me to a higher place
To know where I’m going and what trials I’m to face.
But then again – you never knew the last thing you’d ever see
was the whites of my eyes in the sight of me.
Are you some sort of make-shift offering
to the god of metal, glass, rubber and something rotating?
Sacrificed to a Higher power on a prayer and a wing.
For my sins and for my suffering.

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