Friday, June 12, 2009


So easily we look upon the times of our lives and refer to them as phases. There is the terrible two's, a phase when independence is tasted and suddenly what was a soft cuddly infant becomes a terrorist, that sabotages everything you atempt to do for them.

Then there is the shy phase, the naked phase, the teenager phase and much later the midlife crises phase.

Why do we call these times of change and self awareness phases? Like we just can't wait to get to the other side of this time. Write it off as a bad time?

We are lothing these special moments, but instead we should celebrate them.

I am going through a phase and so my family is going through this phase too. They want to get the other side of this time, but this it part of who I am becoming. This is not a phase, as much as going through puberty is not a phase, but a change after which you never can go back to how it was.

Saying that you long for the time before the phase would be uttering nonsence. When you get born, you are endowed with a certain set of skills to transform - a little like evolution. You were always going to change, it is in your genes after all.

So if the family wants you to return to what you were before the phase. It would be like trying to make the butterfly go back to being a worm.

Phased? Let me know.