Thursday, February 12, 2009

Help Me Please

Dear Lord, give me
Your eyes and help me to see in others what You see in them.
Your heart and help me suffer with the suffering.
Your ears and help me to hear people speak, so that I can hear what they fear.
Your hands so that my touch would not only be skin deep.
Your feet to go where I'll find Your lead, walking the paths You walked.
Your arms and help me to carry the burdens of others as You carry me
on Your out-stretched arms.
Your tong and help me to speak only of Your Glory.
Your brow and help me to take the beating while still loving he who beats me.
Your mind and help me to be everything you want me to be.

This I ask not in want, but in need, through the renewing of my mind.
Take hold of me - stretch me - break me - form me - but make me new, more like You.

For Lord I am deaf, blind and dumn,
My heart, feet and hands move none,
For my arms, mind and will are gone,
My Creator, Lord and Saviour You are ONE.
Now make me one
with the Name of the Father, Spirit and Son.

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