Monday, March 2, 2009

Another prelude to love is...

Love between a man and a woman was said to be started by the god Eros. Also know as Cupid, he shoots his arrow into the eye of the person and this arrow finds its way down to the heart. The reason for the arrow, to give some sort of understanding of the pain that comes with love. I'm guessing that this is especially true for lost love. There has been accounts of people simply dying from a broken heart. The will to continue, without the love in their grasp, disappears like the setting sun.

Is love depended upon a receiving party or can it exist alone. I believe that love has to be shared to be fulfilling, but it is possible to love another without that love being answered completely.

Love that exists in a shared environment and then is denied by one of the parties involved, becomes a tragedy. It is here that betrayal and deceit tear things apart till the only thing that is left, is the arrow stabbed through the heart. So great is the pain that is felt, one can hardly keep breathing. There is no cure and the pain can only be numbed when you numb everything, and that is essentially death. So frankly - love is the most dangerous of things to experience. Once you've been invaded by love, life as you knew it is over. Your new life has begun.

For some crazy reason, so many lives that are changed in this fashion, end on the jagged rocks below. The most precious gift of all gifts is simply abandoned or abused, taken for granted or betrayed. One can be betrayed in life on many fronts, but betrayed love leaves you with no recourse, no comeback, no stitches for the deep lacerations afflicted to your tender heart. Many become vindictive, an attempt to answer their own pain with the pain they might be able to inflict. Somewhere in their deepest Id they reason that the pain is connected to the object of their love. Take the object away and the pain will also go away, but, and this is a big BUT, what they don't understand is that the pain is there because the lover had the anti-serum for the pain that the arrow was inflicting. So the only real cure for the pain is to get the person to fall in love with you again.

Substitute love is often used, but substitute love will always be less than fulfilling. Your heart is "given away", stabbed by Cupid's arrow and the love you receive can't be stored, because it leaks out.

So there is no solution other than death? I'm not saying it. I know the God of the universe and He knows me. He is all powerful and in His hands, I know, lays healing. But like any cut on the body there will remain a scar. And as far as hearts go, they can't take too many cuts. You might say that God can do anything, but just remember that He was the One that made the heart this way!

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